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MBCT Autumn 2020

‘Time and worry about the commitment’ would have prevented me from signing up to the mindfulness course.

What did you discover as a result of doing this mindfulness course? ‘What a lot I didn’t know about mindfulness! Despite using it in my clinical practice I realised I had only scratched the surface and my understanding was superficial’.

What specific feature did you like most about this mindfulness course? ‘Being able to learn with other people. Roly is a very safe and containing teacher’.

What would be three other benefits you got from doing this mindfulness course? ‘Realising that I can ground myself using mindfulness practice. Learning how I can use mindfulness more effectively (and mindfully) in my clinical work. Finding out about good resources’.

Would you recommend this mindfulness course to anyone else? ‘Definitely, mindfulness feels like it is a basic skill for managing life. It’s helped me slow down (what is not something I find easy) and appreciate more of the moment to moment pleasures in life. It’s made me realise that being mindful is different from doing relaxation exercises but interestingly, mindfulness practice is often relaxing’.

‘Thank you for helping me find other ways of dealing with my whirling thoughts’.

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