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Why come to a SiTT Group?

By coming along to a SiTT Group you become part of a local community of mindfulness teachers and trainees who adhere to UK good practice guidelines. The group come together monthly to sit, reflect on teaching and personal practice, and to offer kindness, support and inspiration to one another as we continue on our journey of personal and professional development. You will also become part of the wider SiTT community, a broader network of resource and support for integrity.


What to expect
Each session starts with a short sit of around 20 minutes to allow us time to settle and fully arrive together. We find it works best if people enter the room and join the practice in silence. This helps us to create a focused intention for our time in the space as well as making sure that we start on time! After that there is time to check in and reflect on our teaching and practice either around a particular theme or whatever is alive for people in the room. We then have time for refreshments and socialising before finishing with a longer sit to end the session.


What is expected?
Part of the intention of SiTT is to cultivate a shared sense of integrity and good practice within the group. With this in mind we ask that everyone who comes along adheres to the UK good practice guidelines for mindfulness teaching and training. Honouring confidentiality and mutual respect allows us to create a safe space for whatever arises during the sessions.
You are of course welcome to drop in and out of sessions as you wish but if you commit to the intention to attend regularly you can register as a SiTT group member and include the SiTT Group Member Logo on professional documentation and marketing materials.


What to bring
We meet in a lovely space with plenty of chairs and a few cushions. If you have anything else that supports your sit please feel free to bring it with you. We have standard teas, coffees and biscuits for the refreshment break but you may like bring something particular to your taste or perhaps something little to share with the rest of the group. You may also like to leave a donation toward organisational costs, hiring the space etc.
All we really ask is that you come with an open heart and a willingness to be part of a community that is mindful, heartful and of value to us all.

Devon SiTT meet online Zoom meetings

2023 Meeting Dates:

Last Friday of the Month 18:30 to 19:30

Aug - No meeting

Dec - No meeting


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