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Explore a different way to be with stress as well as to savour life and flourish

 I am offering the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation 'Finding Peace in the Frantic World' course, based on the best-selling book, Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World.

It is a highly accessible and practical introduction to mindfulness, teaching skills to improve wellbeing and resilience to stress. The course is designed to cultivate mindful awareness of our body, emotions and
mind so that we can live our lives with a greater sense of 
wellbeing, kindness and resilience. 

To register interest in my next course

please contact:

07936 434565 

Monthly Online Mindfulness 
An opportunity to practice mindfulness in a group
Open to those who have completed an 8 week mindfulness course or equivalent
Usually the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:30 - 8:30 pm 


In-Person Self-Guided Mindfulness Practice

​An opportunity to practice mindfulness in an in-person group. 

Open to those who have completed an 8 week mindfulness course or equivalent.

​10 to 11:30  am at Stoke Gabriel Scout Hut on the following Sundays:

Sunday 4th February  

Feedback from previous course participants

(also see Testimonials page) 

"My relationship with myself and others in my life has greatly improved"

"The atmosphere Roly created was extremely relaxed, supportive, and non-judgmental"

"I have learnt a lot from Roly and by taking these courses have noticed a massive improvement in my mental health" 

"Thank you for helping me find other ways of dealing with my whirling thoughts’

"The course was well structured, taking me through each step in a gradual and natural process that evolved with each week. It was also very well led in a sensitive and encouraging manner"

I am a certified 'Trained Teacher' with the Mindfulness Network Teacher Training Pathway (in collaboration with Bangor University)

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